The success of our customers is our greatest compliment

We are happy to share their stories and successes to inspire you as a supermarket owner or buyer to make even more customers happy in your store.


Discover Purchaser’s Top 50 of favorite imported European Specialties

Eurochoice analyzed 3000+ orders from 142 purchasers from 8 countries. In this article we will tell you what they order most.

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European Specialties Top 50 Middle East & South East Asia

How consolidated sourcing of European products increases customer loyalty in your supermarket

As a retail buyer for a supermarket chain in rich regions in the Middle East and Asia, you face major challenges every day. When your job is to acquire ...

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Eurochoice Western Food Trends

As the retail buyer of a supermarket chain in the Middle East or Southeast Asia, you face tremendous challenges. Your customer base, which ...

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