Delivering European fine foods to your doorstep

Sourcing top quality foods in Europe, we export them to the food service and retail industries all over the world. We select only the best quality foodstuffs, consolidate them at our headquarters and ship them to wherever you are. We guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted logistics chain straight to your door.

Fresh products such as seafood, cheese and meat are shipped by air. Frozen and non-perishable products are mostly shipped by sea. Our logistic processes enable us to supply on a weekly basis or even more frequently. How can we help you?

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This page gives access to overviews of our product ranges. Of course we always welcome fresh ideas. If one of your customers is a chef who is desperately looking for a specific Italian olive oil from a quiet corner of Tuscany, just let us know and we will make sure he gets it.

Don’t forget to take a look at our extensive range of organic and Free From products. You can trace them right back to their origins.

European Meats

High quality meats from selected European suppliers, delivered all over the world, fresh or frozen. Unequalled in taste and texture.

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European Dairy

Having worked with our preferred dairy suppliers for many years, we know where to find the very best. Dutch cheese, Italian cheese, cream, butter, and much more… Your customers will appreciate your dedication to quality!

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European Seafood

Caught fresh in European waters, our seafood is of the highest standard. It is healthy and clean. We deliver it fresh or frozen in flexible quantities, ready for use.

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European Produce

The farmers of Europe grow juicy fruits and tasty vegetables that make for a wholesome meal. Eurochoice brings them to you, securely packed and labelled to meet the requirements of your local authorities.

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European Groceries

Groceries include everything you can buy at a supermarket, such as olive oil, pasta and all kinds of non-perishables. We source these products directly from selected manufacturers and bring them to you by sea or by air, guaranteeing brand exclusiveness.

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Healthy products

Organic foods are in great demand all over the world. ‘Free from’ products are developed especially for people with a food allergy and/or on a special diet. These products do not contain any gluten, or lactose, or fat, for example. Eurochoice has selected a range of organic foods and Free From products to suit every need.

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European seasonal products

Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter are just three of the many occasions that call for specific products. We have sourced a colourful range of European products that will put a smile on every face.

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European beverages

Best quality beverages, straight from the source, selected with great care for you. Eurochoice offers a good range of coffee, tea and fruit juice.

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Our business

One-stop shop for food service distributors and retailers

Eurochoice offers a one-stop shop solution for all of your food imports. We source products directly from trusted partners – usually small to medium-sized manufacturers and farmers – and consolidate them at our headquarters in Leeuwarden in the north of the Netherlands, or at our warehouses at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Combining several types and quantities of products from different parts of Europe for you, we seal the packs securely for the next step, adding the required certificates to the consignment and labelling the shipment in the appropriate language, making sure it meets all local requirements. After all, every country has its own rules and legislation for the import of fine foods.
Your order is then transported by air or by sea, depending on the nature of the goods. Upon arrival in your country, clearance of your freight should be no problem at all. Exporting foods since 1994, Eurochoice has the knowledge, experience and certificates to arrange for the smooth import of these goods.


The manufacturers and farmers that supply goods to us are immensely important to our business. After all, we can only continue to deliver top quality products if they have every aspect of their business under control. Our logistics partners are equally essential, as they are responsible for ensuring a smooth and intact logistics chain and delivering your order fast and in excellent condition.
Knowing what it means to entrust others with parts of the process, we understand the importance of reliability and commitment better than anyone. This is why we attach such great value to long-term relationships at Eurochoice. We frequently visit both clients and manufacturers, take an interest in everything they do, discuss ways to further improve our service and actively share information and expertise with them.


Eurochoice is ISO 22000:2005 certified
Eurochoice is Organic (Skal) certified
Eurochoice is a Known Consignor


Our business currently brings us mostly to the Middle East and Far East. Eurochoice delivers fresh and frozen European products to clients in countries including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore. Our ambition is to enable clients in many more countries to offer exclusive European quality foods to their customers. We welcome your suggestions!


We focus on local and regional brands, carefully selecting the very best and bringing them to your country exclusively. No-one else will have them! We build long-term relationships with our suppliers, regularly visiting them and testing their continued compliance with our strict requirements.

Our USPs

flexible order quantities
fast delivery times
highest service level
sourcing from the best suppliers
long-term partnerships


Eurochoice can be reached 24/7. If you have any questions about your order, if you unexpectedly run out of stock or if you have an acute need for supplies, don’t worry. There is always someone here to pick up the phone and help you. You could also fill out the contact form below. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

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Eurochoice BV

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The Netherlands

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About us

Service comes first, second and third at Eurochoice. Our mission as a global exporter of fresh and frozen European foods is to provide the best possible service and to make it easy for our clients to import top-quality foodstuffs exclusively via a smooth and uninterrupted logistics chain.

We do this by always keeping our eye on the ball and making sure you get the very best, as quickly as possible. We greatly value relationships and partnerships at Eurochoice, which is why we regularly visit our clients and suppliers and discuss ways to further improve our service.

Having operated as a European food exporter for over 20 years, we have built up extensive know-how of the foods export sector. We know exactly how to pack your order, how to get it to you safely and how to guarantee fast delivery times. Our offices and warehouses are equipped with state-of-the art machinery. Communicating transparently with clients as well as suppliers, we make sure that everyone knows what is expected when and where and how.

Meet the team

Allow us to introduce ourselves and to tell you about our work. The team at Eurochoice is highly diverse. And that is as it should be, in our opinion. After all, different perspectives make for lively discussions. We welcome them; everyone has a say in our meetings. What matters most is that we share the same goal: satisfied clients.

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