Eurochoice to switch from HACCP to ISO 22000

Processing foodstuffs involves many dangers. Things can go wrong which may threaten food safety. As a company that works with fine foods, Eurochoice is obliged to describe any and all risks in a food safety plan. Such plans are also referred to as HACCP plans. Eurochoice intends to switch to ISO 22000 as of next year. Why? We are happy to explain our intention in this blog.

What is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. HACCP allows a company to go over its production process from start to finish in order to determine potential food safety hazards. All of these potential hazards are identified and described. The company then draws up a plan containing detailed steps to control the associated risks.

Hazard: a hazard is a threat to the consumer’s health that may be present in a product.

Critical Control Points: these are points in the process that must be controlled in order to prevent a hazard or to reduce a hazard to an acceptable level.

To Eurochoice, HACCP mostly means that we streamline our business processes and that every process proceeds according to predetermined steps. Having drawn up our HACCP plan many years ago, we continued to refine and improve our processes over the years. We are reviewed for HACCP by Bureau Veritas twice a year. The predominant objective of HACCP and the regular reviews for Eurochoice is that it keeps us on our toes. That we are always alert to strict compliance with the rules and regulations and that we are able every day to deliver our fine foods in top condition.

What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 is the international standard for quality management systems. ISO 22000 may be used to assess whether or not an organisation is able to meet its customers’ requirements, to comply with applicable laws and regulations, and to meet the requirements it imposes on itself.

ISO 22000 is also expressed, in simple terms, as follows:

  • say what you do
  • do what you say
  • prove it

Eurochoice intends to switch to ISO 22000

Next year (2018) Eurochoice intends to switch to ISO 22000. All steps and controls we developed and recorded for HACCP are incorporated in our quality systems. Therefore they will be included in the steps and controls we need to lay down for ISO 22000. Bureau Veritas will audit us annually for ISO 22000. As HACCP is incorporated into ISO 22000, the latter is a more comprehensive standard. This is why we intend to switch completely to the ISO standard.

The business processes of Eurochoice make for a smoothly running system. All of the products we source and deliver are processed in this detailed system and are delivered to your doorstep fresh and in mint condition. We have HACCP, and will soon obtain the ISO 22000, to prove it.


Fun fact
Did you know that the HACCP system was devised in the 1960s by US NASA to control the food for astronauts?