Mussels – from the sea to a plate in China in three days’ time

Provided they are kept properly refrigerated, mussels have a shelf life of up to seven days. At Eurochoice we believe they should be served as quickly as possible, and preferably after three to four days, which is why we run a tight operation! Let us tell you how we get you the tastiest mussels from Yerseke in a matter of days, wherever you are.

This blog is especially relevant because July marks the start of the mussel season. With virtually all inhabitants of the Yerseke village working in the mussel industry, tension mounts up from the beginning of the month. Who will be the first to harvest mature mussels? Who will take the first batch to auction? People talk about nothing else and put in extra hours to win the friendly, yet fierce contest.

Day 1. From the water to Schiphol

In the early morning of Day 1, the mussels are caught in Yerseke in the Dutch province of Zeeland – in the Grevelingenmeer, to be precise. They are thoroughly cleaned and securely packaged, and transported to Schiphol airport on the same day. Did you know that the term on the packaging, ‘Zeeuwse mosselen’ refers to the province of Zeeland where they are caught? It means ‘mussels from Zeeland’.

Day 2. Eurochoice makes mussels fly

On the morning of Day 2 the mussels are inspected at Schiphol. When approved, the necessary certificates are issued, stamped and added to the shipment, and the mussels are loaded onto a plane in the afternoon. Let’s fly to Hangzhou, a major city in China, where we supply two restaurants. The people of Hangzhou are real mussels fans.

Day 3. The mussels are served

Upon arrival in Hangzhou on Day 3, one of our partners is ready to pick up the mussels and deliver them to both restaurants. The pictures were taken at one of these restaurants, Bakery & Mussels. The chef proudly keeps an impressive number of Dutch mussel pots on display and uses them to serve the mussels. When served, the top comes off and is used to dispose of the shells. The mussels are ready to eat.

This is how we get mussels fresh on the table in China, in just three days’ time. Depending on each and every link in the supply chain, we greatly value long-term partnerships. Clear arrangements and transparent communication with our partners are essential to the success of Eurochoice.