Cees Mostert

Managing Director

One of the original founders of Eurochoice back in 1994, Cees has been its sole managing director since 2012. His responsibility for reinforcing Eurochoice’s excellent reputation is just one aspect of his leadership role. All in favour of sharing knowledge, Cees organises weekly team meetings. Anything from ongoing business to quality control or strategic developments may come up for discussion. After all, he wants his team to stay committed and informed, and to actively contribute ideas on how to further refine Eurochoice’s unique profile.


Bram Wijbenga

Sales Manager

Bram has worked for Eurochoice since the very beginning in 1994 (soon followed by his younger brother Jurjen). As a Sales Manager he values long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers, always looking for ways to achieve more by joining forces. He loves the freedom and diversity his job provides.

Commercial Back-office

Hessel Dijkstra

Head of Back-office

In his customer contacts Hessel likes the efficient approach – business-like with a personal touch – to contribute to the professionalism of Eurochoice. It is essential to him that our company always delivers on its promise to be a reliable partner. His motto: Impossible is nothing.

Jurjen Wijbenga

Back-Office Middle East

Jurjen enjoys his work at Eurochoice so much that he almost considers it one of his many hobbies, even after nearly 20 years. He loves finding ways to improve our corporate processes even further. He also enjoys a good challenge, being part of the team and the many opportunities he is given.

Pieter Soolsma

Back-Office Far East

Pieter has been with us for 16 years now. In his current position he helps customers in every way he can, sourcing products, producing quotes and answering questions. He values the excellent relationships he has built up over the last 16 years. Pieter is a true whisky connoisseur!

Liseth Reitsma

Sales/Management Support

One of Liseth’s responsibilities is quality control. She visits our suppliers to monitor their continued compliance with regulations and requirements. She also relieves the sales department from their administrative duties. Liseth is a true perfectionist and challenges herself to perform a little better every day.

Order Entry / Shipping

Martijn van der Heide

Head of Order Entry

Martijn joined the Eurochoice Shipping department in 1998. He later moved to Order Entry, followed by Accounts. Back on his former post he is now responsible for the entire Order Entry / Shipping department. A former table tennis champion, Martijn lives in a small village with his wife and two daughters and still plays with great enthusiasm.

Jeroen Sondaal

Order Entry / Shipping

Working for Eurochoice for 11 years now, Jeroen is one of the people involved in the ordering and shipping process. He enjoys being part of the team as well as working independently. Jeroen’s top priorities are providing excellent service and achieving high customer satisfaction.


Maarten Mostert

Order Entry / Shipping

Maarten studies the increasingly strict and complex regulations for labelling, and works on the optimisation of our labels. Improving processes and their efficiency gets a proud smile on his face. He loves a good challenge and will use all of his inventiveness and willpower to make it happen. The latest challenge: fine-tuning the order entry/shipping process.