Euro Gourmet: Upgraded successfully

Euro Gourmet is Eurochoice’s own meats brand that was launched over 20 years ago. The brand offers a selection of top-quality chicken, turkey and pork products at fair prices, particularly for retailers in the Middle-East region.
After so many years we believed that Euro Gourmet was ready for an upgrade. In addition to a new look & feel, which needed to be appropriate for Euro Gourmet’s high quality level, we added several lines to the product range.

A new look & feel for Euro Gourmet

The new look & feel of Euro Gourmet is entirely in line with its top quality level. New labels and a brand new logo were designed.

Extended product range

Euro Gourmet now offers veal. Dutch Milkfed Veal, to be more accurate. Milkfed refers to the feed given to the animals, and is an alternative to Grainfed which contains more grass and seeds. Milkfed is considered to be a more natural type of feed.

The Euro Gourmet pork line consists of bacon, ham, sausages and other processed pork products. We are getting ready to introduce portion packed veal, game and poultry products to Euro Gourmet.


All of Euro Gourmet’s poultry, veal, beef and game products are halal.

You can find our Euro Gourmet selection in the product catalogue on this website. Please visit our range of Dutch Meat Products.


Truck delivers the goods in Saudi- Arabia by our partner Gulf Central Company. Person in front is Bram Wijbenga, our Export Manager Middle East.